A Difficult Conversation…

I meant to post last week, but my computer had other ideas. Thankfully it’s working now, and I’ve bought a new battery and some more memory in the hopes that that will help. I would get a new processor as well, but laptop processors really can’t be replaced (sometimes, but not always), and honestly they’re a bit expensive. Hopefully that’ll help this machine hold on a little bit longer – it’s a good little work horse and I hate to loose it.

Since the computer has been a little iffy, I haven’t done much writing the past couple of weeks. However, a scene did pop into my head yesterday for the Descendants that I had to jot down really quick for WIPpet Wednesday. It’s 10 paragraphs (because 2+8=10). It takes place later in the series (book 3 or 4) and may be a bit spoilery. And a bit triggery. It also might be a little TMI towards the end. So, if you’re uncomfortable with these things, in the words of the theme song for A Series of Unfortunate Events, Look away! Look Away! Look Away!

If you don’t mind, potentially squicky stuff, here’s the set up; basically, Vivian finds herself in a bit of a rough spot after the events of book 2, and the others are a bit shocked that she didn’t take precautions to prevent it from happening.

“How could this happen?”

Vivian laughed, but it was weak. The chuckle fell from her lips like a whisper instead of her normal throaty chortle. “Well, when a woman loves a man…”

Elise rolled her eyes. “You know what I mean. There’s this thing called birth control -”

“Elise,” Maya hissed. “It’s kinda hard to take a pill when it hasn’t been invented yet.”

“What about IUDs then? Or implants? Or heck, even that silly natural family planning method or whatever?”

“Some doctors don’t like to prescribe IUDs. Mine refuses based on political reasons.”

“You might want to find a new doctor then.”

“Ladies, please.” Vivian spoke up. The effort of raising her voice was far more exhausting than she thought it would be. All she wanted to was close her eyes and sleep and let her body do what it needed to do to heal. “Kinda hard to keep track of your cycle when you don’t know what day it is. Plus, with how often we get to bathe, I’m not about to stick my fingers up there and check… things.”

“Ew.” Maya wrinkled her nose. Elise laughed at her discomfort.

“Besides,” Vivian glanced at the bucket full of bloody rags waiting to be thrown overboard. “It’s not like it matters now.”

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Rain Rain Go Away…

My husband and I are pretty big pluviophiles. We love rain and cold weather, and if it were feasible for us to move somewhere where there was more of both (I’m looking at you Washington) we would be there in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, after the severe drought we’ve had for the past couple of years, the hills around our house aren’t exactly fond of wet weather. After all the rain we’ve had for the past week or so, they decided to give up the ghost, and we found ourselves blocked in on either side by mudslides on Sunday afternoon.

We’re fine. Where our home is located is actually pretty safe. But for about 48 hours, we were trapped while Cal Trans and the local PD dug the road out from underneath all the dirt and rocks. We took a hike over to a hill next to our park that looks down through the valley, and we counted at least four or five spots where the hillside had given way. Rumor is that further on down the road things were just as bad, if not worse, but we haven’t had a reason to go that way so I can’t say if that’s true or not.

Anywho, last week I mentioned I wasn’t able to get much writing done since we had to make some changes to Boyo’s schedule to help him adjust to graduating to a toddler bed. Well, shortly after posting that, I discovered the trick that allowed me to get a little bit more writing time in.


In particular, this one video on YouTube featuring a character called Bob the train and the alphabet. Ever since he has started really really talking, Boyo has been obsessed with his letters and numbers. Plus, he loves trains, so he’s easily entertained for a good 30 minutes or so while the video plays. And then we have fun drawing and practicing them. In addition to that, when his therapists come to work with him, I can usually sneak away to the bedroom for a bit once I’m done catching up on chores.

So that’s been nice.

So far I’ve whittled away more on that fanfic that just won’t let me go. I’ve also worked a bit on The Undying Ones. I managed to get through the troublesome scene… and straight into another one. Thankfully it’s not as difficult as the last one, but, oh man, is it trying. Despite the bumps though, I am really liking how it’s turning out.

Anywho, it’s Wednesday, which means that it’s time for another WIPpet snippet!

This scene takes place after Mattie’s run in with the guards. The villager she spotted from the bridge, Liam, is stuck in a jam himself. Though, he’s lucky – his is just a bad dream.

Since today is the 25, here are 7 sentences (2+5=7) from his dream.

But it was too late, for the woman had already lunged up to grab Liam. He could feel the press of her teeth against his skin, followed by the stinging pain as they broke through the surface of his skin. His blood pulsed out of him with every beat of his heart. He cried out in shock, and pushed her away, but she was far stronger than himself. Her fingers dug into his arms, and when he attempted to kick her away, she shoved him against the wall of her cage and pinned him there. Even though a part of him knew it was futile, he continued to fight back, twisting first one way and then the other, stomping on her feet, and biting her ear – the only part of her face he could reach. Her blood filled his mouth, thick and sweet.

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In the Blink of an Eye…

Exhaustion has a new name – Toddler bed.

Boyo managed to escape his crib last week. Apparently he decided that he did NOT need a nap one day and demonstrated it by climbing out of the crib and run around his room. Let me tell you, there is nothing quite like hearing the movement monitor go off (which usually illicit a ‘crap’ from us), followed by the pitter patter of little feet on hardwood floors and high pitched toddler giggles (which resulted in a lot more creative cussing).

As soon as my husband got home from work that day, the crib was converted into a toddler bed, and we’ve been scrambling to figure out a new routine ever since. We had one in place, but now that Boyo can get in and out of his bed instead of being a captive audience, we’ve had to make some adjustments. We cut back on nap time and we’ve pushed his bed time back an hour or so to make sure he’s tired enough to go to sleep fairly quickly and that he’ll sleep through the night.

Unfortunately, this means that I’ve lost out on some of my ‘me’ time that I would use for writing and other things. I think I’ve managed to scratch out two thousand words in the past two weeks… if that. It’s far easier to sneak in a sketch here and there in between games of tag. It doesn’t help matters that having Boyo suddenly graduate to a toddler bed threw me into a bit of a funk (which is to be expected from what I’ve heard) so when I do have a chance to write, I haven’t really felt like it.

When I do, I keep chipping away at The Undying ones. Thankfully I’ve finally reached a point in the story where I’m mostly editing to make old snippets fit in with the new story line, so it’s been fairly easy going. After this I have another chapter or two, then there will be more editing, and then the fun really begins.

Anywho, since today is WIPpet Wednesday, I figured I’d get back to sharing scenes from The Undying Ones – even if there isn’t a whole lot to share.

When last we saw Mattie she was attempting to sneak out of her Father’s new workshop. Thankfully he was having one of his mad moments and didn’t recognize her. Unfortunately her luck is about to run out. Since today is the 18th, here are 9 sentences (1+8=9)

Mattie stepped back into the library, breathing a sigh of relief as the cool damp air washed over her face. Her relief didn’t last long though; she was grabbed by strong bony hands and flung to the hard ground. She slid backwards across the smooth tile floor, her mask knocked askew from the force of the fall. She quickly rolled onto all fours and scurried away from the attack, only to run into a pair of boots standing a short distance away. They were rough to the touch, scuffed from centuries of use. She looked up, her eyes taking in the worn pants and patchy doublet, until she came face to face with the guard who’s lips reminded her of a snarling beast.

His nose twitched as he glowered down at her. “I thought I smelled fresh meat.”

Mattie gulped, so much for avoiding the guards notice for so long.

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Just a Bump in the Road…

I wrote so much over the holidays that my carpal tunnel started to act up. It’s been over seven years since it’s bugged me. I honestly thought it would act up while I was in school, but I guess clicking through power point pages isn’t the same thing as typing. Where and how I sit when I write probably doesn’t help matters either. During the semester, it was warmer, so I often sat on the ground with my laptop in front of me. This allowed my hands to drop down, which is more natural. Now that it’s cooler, I’ve been sitting on the couch more, with my legs crossed, and my laptop on my lap. So my wrists are more flat, or tilted up.

I’m working on changing that. I’m also working on giving myself more breaks so I can stretch my wrists out more often. There’s a hand movement that I learned when I used to belly dance that is perfect for that. You sort of pinch your fingers together as you roll your hands towards you, then flair your fingers out as you roll your hands away. If I can find a video that demonstrates it, I’ll be sure to include the link here.

Anyways. Since my wrists have been bugging me, I didn’t get much writing done this week. I did mull over my goals for the year. I want to get The Undying Ones finished ASAP. I kinda gave up on it when the holiday season started, and then that fanfic sank it’s claws into me, and now here we are and I am no closer to finishing it than I was before. This year, it will get done.

In the mean time, since it is WIPpet Wednesday, here is a snippet from that fanfic I’ve been tinkering with. Today is the Fourth of January, so here are five sentences to keep you entertained until next week.

Last week I shared a snippet where Cressida stumbled across a figure who had been haunting her dreams. Shortly after that he collapsed, and he was brought back to her tent for medical help. Her father, a doctor, has asked her to read his mind, to see if she can find anything else about the stranger.

She lets herself sink down into him, feeling for his mind underneath the fog of the laudanum. She can tell he is skilled in occlumency, or was at some point. He has quite a wall built around himself. One that is damn near impenetrable despite his drugged state, but she can feel cracks in it’s surface and see glimpses of thoughts and memories escaping through the fissures. She picks through them – ignoring the dimmer ones in favor of bright vivid bursts that shine like stars in the hopes that they might be more important.

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Something Different…

I hope everyone had a good Christmas weekend. We spent Christmas Eve with my side of the family, then we had friends over for a visit. Hubby tackled building a cardboard pirate ship… which was tougher than either of us expected. We should’ve known it was bad news when the instructions included a link to a ‘how to’ video on YouTube. But it was worth it in the end, because Boyo was so in love with it when he saw it on Christmas morning. In fact, he didn’t care or notice that he had other gifts until we started opening them for him, and even then he only paid attention for a few minutes before going right back to that ship.

Crazy kid.

I mentioned last week that I started on a new story. It’s another fanfic, and I only started it so I could get the scenes that were bugging me the most (and by bugging me, I mean wouldn’t leave me alone) down on paper. Here I am two weeks and four chapters later though and there is no sign of stopping. So even though I should be working on my other projects, I’ve decided to let my muse have her way for the moment.

This story is a first for me. It’s written in present tense, which is something I’ve never messed with before. I’ve always done past tense. It’s also a Harry Potter fic – well technically a Fantastic Beasts fic – which is a universe I’ve never written in. I’ve always stuck to Dragonriders of Pern or Star Wars if I get the fanfic itch. So there has been a lot of research going in to this piece – not including what doctors kept in their bags in the 1920s, legilimency, and tasseography (which is tea reading).

Despite it being a first in so many ways, I’m pretty proud of how it’s turning out, so I figured I’d share a snippet of it for WIPpet Wednesday.

WIPpet Wednesday is a blog hop where we share a little bit of whatever project we are working on. What we share is supposed to relate to the date in some way, shape, or fashion, so since today is the 28th of December, you could share 12 words from page 28 of your project, or 10 lines because 2+8=10.

Today I’ll be sharing 4 sentences from the fanfic that has taken over my life (2/8=4). This is from the beginning of the fic. Cressida, the main character, is a fortune teller for a run down circus, and she’s been experiencing dreams about a strange man.

He’s not a particularly tall man – in fact, he’s only a few inches taller than herself – but there’s something in his manner that makes him tower over others as if they’re only house elves. It helps that he is regal, like a prince out of her mother’s book of fairy tales, however there is something incredibly wounded about him too. His gaze has that shell shocked look that she’s seen in so many of the soldiers who fought in the war. But it’s been almost a decade since the last troops came home, and this pain that lingers in the dark recesses of his eyes seems to be far more recent.

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RIP Princess Leia

As a kid, I didn’t really care for Princess Leia. Luke and Han and the Taun Tauns were my favorite parts of Star Wars. Who had time for a silly princess even if she wasn’t a damsel in distress like so many others?

But as I grew up and began to understand how important she was, she began to grow on me. And then once I started reading Carrie Fisher’s books, I began to understand that the actress behind the princess was pretty bad ass too. 

When news broke on Friday that Carrie Fisher had suffered a massive heart attack, I knew it wasn’t good, but I held out hope that she would make it through. She had gone through so much, she was so strong, no way a heart attack was going to stop her. 

So when my husband told me this morning that she had passed, I stared at him in disbelief for a few minutes. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her loved ones and her other fans.